AKA: Shantee Bug

CEA/CH, CL and TNS normal

Hips: OFA Good

Weight 34 lbs.


Shantee is the daughter of our Nipper and Reese. She is a black tri color, almost saddle back patterned (still changing even at 3 yrs old)

I sold her as a pup to be a farm dog for on a dairy farm. She did have a very impressive herding drive and willingness to work.

However, she was allowed to run free and herd the cattle at will and got herself into a lot of trouble.

We took her back just as she was turning a year old. She fit right back in with us like she’d never left. She is a very sweet and attention seeking dog,

just like her mother.

Shantee is the fastest dog we own! She can out run just about anything with legs.

She is an extremely playful dog. When out for fun she lives to chase and retrieve her tennis ball, or play soccer with her big red ball.

She will entertain herself for hours with her ball, food dish, or what ever she can find to toss around. Just like Snoopy, she often greets me

carrying her supper dish!