Adopting a puppy from Tannin Border Collies


There’s no doubt about it, puppies are cute and tug at our heart strings, but nothing grows faster than a puppy. In just one short year, your puppy will become a full grown adult dog.
Many people fall in love with the idea of adopting a puppy, without considering the life long contract they are signing when they bring a dog into their life.

See that special ‘new puppy’ expression? hard to beat that joyful feeling!
But don’t let that feeling override common scence. Border Collies are a special breed, 
very smart, active, and intense at times. Please consider all aspects of life with a border collie before deciding to adopt one into your life.


  • I will accept deposits  of $100 for pick placement in our upcoming litters list. This deposit applies to the purchase price of the puppy you select, and will hold your position in the order received. Your deposit can be deferred for up to two years. When a litter arrives you will be given the option to chose your pup, or pass to the next litter.  You must make your choice within a few days when there is a waiting list, so the next person can make their chose. Once you have chosen your puppy you are required to make an additional $100 installment toward your purchase to hold your selected puppy. When your deposit has cleared your pup will be posted as sold
  • Deposits are non refundable, unless something goes wrong with the pup (which I am happy to say has never happened!)
  • Please contact me if you are interested in adopting a pup out of one of my upcoming litters.  Include information about yourself, such as age, family members, your experience with dogs, why you have chosen a Border Collie, and what your plans are for your pup. This information is very important to me and will help me in knowing which litter is most appropriate for you. Please note breeder has first right to pick on any litter.  Selection has to be made before pups are 6 weeks old if there is a waiting list.
  • Please do your own research concerning male vs female. Males make excellent family pets!!  Often the females in a litter are the fastest to be chosen.  There are many reason for this, from humping behavior (females do this too) to leg lifting (females mark too, just in the middle of the yard) and aggression (I have more female/female fights than I do male/male
  • Please conciser the importance of health testing of breeding dogs, when selecting a new puppy. CEA is an eye disease that is much more prevalent than ever believed. DNA testing of the parents is the only way to know if a breeding dog is a carrier of this diseases (as well and TNS and CL)  While it is ok to breed a carrier to a dog known to be clear, two carriers, when bred together will produce pups affected with CEA.  Health testing takes effort on the breeders part, but will save you much money and heartbreak if the pup you choose to bring home is affected by these preventable genetic diseases because the parents were not DNA tested (or clear by parentage)
  • We do everything we can to ensure your pup gets off to a good start. Your pup has been handled daily from birth (how can we keep our hands off them?), socialized with people, dogs and cats, and raised in climate controlled environment.  They are treated with deworming medication on a routine schedule. The pups will be vaccinated between 6 and 7 weeks of age and given a health exam by one of our vets. An additional vet check and health certificate for your new pup is available on request (with several days notice to schedule).
  • You may pick up your puppy on the weekend closest to 8 weeks of age. Your pup must be fully paid for 4 weeks before pick up, unless you are paying by cash on the day of pick up.Sorry, due to one person’s fraudulent check, I am no longer accepting personal checks for the final payment. Mid week pick ups can also be arranged as well as meeting part way for a small fee (gas money)   I do ship pups from the Moline IL and Cedar Rapids IA airports (more information on shipping below)
  • I will send your pup home with a puppy starter kit, food sample, leash and collar, vaccination records, and it’s own personal towel or toy that smells like mom. The pups will be registered ABCA in your name, with the Tannin prefix, and the call name you choose for your pup (up to 14 letters total) Registration papers will be sent after proof of spay/neuter has been received. Your puppy must be spayed or neutered before 12 months of age.  
  • I offer lifetime contact about your pup. If you ever have any questions, concerns or need advice I will be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to ask for help! In the event you can no longer keep your pup/dog, I will be here to help you find it a new home. Please do not place your Border Collie with a pound. If at all possible we will take the dog back in here to help re-home him or her (considering space to accommodate and litters due or present) 
  • I will also offer 4 free puppy training ‘classes’ here at my home for up to 6 months of age.I encourage taking puppy classes to socialize and begin a foundation for obedience with your pup. The best age to begin your puppies training is the day you bring it home!! No pup is too young to train.
  •  Please be prepared for you new pup. At home, have a puppy crate of appropriate size, food, bowls, and toys ready before you pick up your new family member. On day of pick up, please bring a lap towel or travel crate, drinking water and bowl if your trip is long, and supplies to clean up any messes. Do not plan to stop for potty breaks in any public areas on the way home. Keep your pup safe from diseases and out of public areas til it is fully vaccinated. Do not allow your pup to drink from puddles!!
                Shipping pups:
  • I do consider shipping pups by air to be safe. All my past pups that I have shipped (Canada, and US) have arrived safe, on time, and happy!! I have also shipped several  pups in, and they were not the least bit traumatized! Shipping costs include the ticket, plus a shipping crate, trip to the vet for a health certificate, extra vaccination if needed, and delivery to the airport (usually very very early in the morning). I ship from the Moline IL airport and use DELTA. We normally use Dash services as they will not require extended layovers for the puppy at the linking airport as other airlines do. The cost of shipping is 400 and needs to be paid in advance. 
  • Below is a video of a very talented BC pup (not one of mine) showing just how smart, trainable, an talented a border collie can be. Don’t be fooled though, this takes much time and effort on the part of the owner!