Adopting an older dog?

If you are looking for an adult or senior dog to adopt, because puppies can be a real handful!!
Please do contact me. I often know of dogs that need to be re-homed or rescued. Most through no fault of their own, but life changes of their owner, or owners that were not prepared for life with a border collie. Please do contact me.
If I have pictures and bios of any dogs needing new homes I will post them here.
When working on finding a new home it is important that we share all known information about the dog, so it will end up in a permanent home and not shuffled around.
As painful as it will be to let some of our dear girls go to new homes, we want them to enjoy a quiet life as a pampered pet, without competition for attention.
We will only adopt to homes were the new family is home the majority of the time, 
and can spend time with the new family member. 
Perfect homes would be retirees, someone who works from home, and those who can take their
dog to work with them.
The retired dogs will be spayed/neutered, teeth cleaned, and updated on all shots before leaving us. and you will be informed about any special needs and likes of each individual.
These dogs are special to us and we will only rehome them to the perfect situations.
In most cases they will need to be in a cat free home.
Fees range according to age and vet work done.
Please include detailed information about what you are looking for, so that I can help you 
choose a dog that will fit well with you.