AKA: Bandito


Bandit, was our second Border Collie.  At the age of 14 even though he was not as fast and agile as he once was, he still didn’t miss much action and was always ready to join the fun, especially if there was a ball or Frisbee involved. It’s always been his job to be the ‘ball stopper”, but rarely retrieves it. He is the father of Heidi’s first litter of pups, as well as Jess’s first litter and Gordy’s sire. He has been a faithful and loyal companion. If we were running a sheep farm he would have had an even happier life. He has natural balance, and calm working ability. He is the ultimate ‘Old Fashioned Farm Collie”, ready to announce visitors and entertain them if we aren’t around, and keep an eye on the kids. He did a wonderful job helping us raise our 3 sons, always there to play with them and kept watch.
He was always watching and ready to help if we need him. His worst vice was his love for chasing house cats, but he was careful not to catch them most of the time.
 Unfortunately, we were never able to get him registered; he would have made some great improvements in the breed as a stud dog. We lost him in the spring of  ’05 only a few weeks before his 15th birthday. We will always remember him as a faithful friend.