Owning a Border Collie
Border Collies have become an increasingly popular breed in recent years, due to the popularity of dog sports such as flyball and Agility, at which they excel. Originally bred to herd sheep and other stock in the most remote pastures of the world, they are a hearty breed with an abundance of energy and intelligence. Border collies do make wonderful pets, but definitely not for everyone. If you are an outgoing person who thrives on activity and love to try new things, then perhaps you would make an acceptable Border Collie owner.
Border Collies need to learn new things, to challenge their minds and keep them healthy and active. An untrained Border is a frustration to his owner, and their neighbors.  They should never be allowed to run free when unattended.
I recommend you enroll in an obedience class with your Border Collie. You and the dog will be much happier!!
After attending just a few basic obedience classes with your pup, you will quickly find that your the star of the show, border collies normally advance
far faster in class than most other breeds. We hope you enjoy this advantage and look into advance classes after graduation, as well as agility and other
sports! Your dog is what you make of it. The more effort you put in with your pup, the better your adult dog will be.
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Using the internet for information:
Please be cautious when using the internet for care and information on your pets.
There are just as much bad advice available as there is good. Please be sure your information comes
from an informed and reliable source, not just a few opinions and views.
Here are a few very good links to ASPCA dog care tips.
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