Branwyn (a Cletic name meaning ‘fair white raven”)
Call name Brandi
Brandi was born on Christmas eve, and the final litter of our wonderful girl Jess
I knew from the start that I would be keeping a pup from this litter, and it didn’t take long to know that Brandi was the right choice.
As a pup my teen age son loved to work with her, teaching her tricks, and bonding with her. He really considered her to be his
own dog, out of all the choices he had. Brandi loved sleeping in his room, and just hanging out. But boys grow up, and move on, Brandi
sure misses him!
Brandi is a beautiful red merle female with a nice medium length coat and medium build about 37 lbs. She is a very active and agile dog. She has a strong prey drive, loves to attempt to herd our cats and bunnies (but of course it’s only a game, and she never harms any of them). She has never had the opportunity to be tested on livestock, but she has all the moves and desire to work.
She is a sweet dog and eager to please.
She loves attention and would love to be a full time lap dog.  Brandi is very obedient and smart.
When Brandi was just one yr. old, she was hit by a car, and suffered a broken leg. She healed well from her surgery (after 6 weeks of crate confinement, only allowed to be carried outside a few times a day?) She is one very lucky girl!
Brandi is a very good mother, as good as her own momma Jess. She keeps her pups in order, and clean, and tolerates all their annoying behavior as they grow up.
As a pup, Brandi was always playing tug-o-war with her own mommas tail, so now she gets it back, and more, from her own kids!
Here is a youtube video of Brandi with her 2013 litter:
Brandi is now retired from breeding and will live the good life as a happy housedog!