Meet Tag’s Buck
AKA Bullwinkle
AKA  Buck-a-Roo
ABCA Registered
Rough Coat
53 lbs  (our largest)
Border Collie
Hips OFA prelim Good
PENN hip score 80%
CEA/CH carrier
CL normal
TNS normal
NOTE:  Due to changes in my breeding program I have sold Buck to another breeder, he is no longer with us
Buck is also available for stud service to CEA clear females for $800 per litter
Buck joined the family in early 2012 with a road trip to a little town in Michigan.
Jennifer was kind enough to meet us half way so we could make a day trip up to bring him home!
Its hard to believe how fast our little boy grew up into this handsome mellow fellow.
Young Buck loves to run with the girls, and they always beat him up, he’s just too nice to get back at them, he just rolls over and lets them win. I often see two or three (or more) girls pin him down to the ground, dragging him by mouthfulls of fur. He loves it.  His best friend is Shea, they grew up together as pups and still love to play together, and Shea is always dragging him around by a mouth full of fur.
One winter, with extreme cold and many inches of snow, we found Bucks true calling. He should have been a husky!!  He loves to run and play in the snow, rolling
in the snow drifts and piles, covering himself in the white stuff. Even with temps as low as -21 he never seemed to be chilled. He is very much a happy-go-lucky dog!!
Buck is a good old fashion ‘around the farm’ kind of dog. He simply hangs out, often waiting at the back door for hours if we are not outside. He has never left the yard alone! But he is no good as a guard dog! He is more of a tour guide, greeting visitors with a wagging tail and a big goofy smile.

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