A Special Story about a special pup, who has done as much for her owners, as they have done for her.
Gracie was the smallest pup in Raven’s litter. In fact she is the smallest pup we’ve ever had.  At birth she was strong and fed well, but later the next day, I found her off to the side, or behind Raven, several times and she was quickly getting weak.
On my last check before bed that evening, about 24 hours after birth, I found little Grace again off to the side, this time she was cold and stiff, but when I held her face up to mine, I cold feel the tiniest breath.
I was determined to do what I could for her, but was sure at that point that is would be the first pup I ever lost.
I tucked her into my shirt to attempt to warm her up, fed her corn syrup to raise her bloodsugar, and made a heating pad out of raw rice, warmed in the microwave, and slept very little that nite. By morning she was alert enough to nurse from Raven just a little. I went to the vet that morning to pick up supplies and get a quick lesson on tube feeding pups. My vet was skeptical as to wether or not the pup had much of a chance of survival, but encouraged me to try.
Gracie was tube fed for the first two weeks of her life. She remained small and delicate, but with a strong will to fight. And she did put up a fight every time I pushed that tube down her throat.
By 2 weeks of age she was able to lap milk from a saucer, and by 4 weeks, she was eating solid foods along with the rest of the litter!!
I had originally sold Gracie to a woman in Texas who wanted to train her to work livestock. But as the rest of the litter grew and thrived,  Gracie fell farther behind in development, she was too small and delicate to succeed as a stockdog  So I ended up giving her to my friends Kris and Jeff, I couldn’t let her go too far away!! I knew she would be loved, pampered, and appreciated for what she was, with no expectations for what she could not be.
I will let Jeff tell her story from here…….
I had been a professional firefighter for 24+ years. May 1, 2006, taking care of people at medical and fire calls, when a slip on the mud responding to another call, changed my life. I herniated two discs in my neck and had cervical spinal surgery May 31, 2006. Post surgery recovery did not go well with excruciating neck pain and headaches. I would be laid up in bed for one to two days at a time. I suffered deep depression and was not happy with life at that time.
My wife and I received a female red merle border collie from Patti in June, 2007, who we named Gracie. Who would know that a little border puppy, would end up taking care of a male who had taken care of people for 24 years. On days when my wife was at work, Gracie would either play ball in the backyard with me or lay quiet for the day, while I lay in bed, not wanting to move. I would babysit her or she would babysit me, depending on my day. While in bed if I would roll over or get up to get a drink she would raise her head to make sure things were OK. I had another cervical fusion in June, 2008 and again Gracie was there to make sure things were OK. At the present time, if I get up to go somewhere in the house, she is there following me to see what is going on.
 Gracie has been the best therapy for me, beside my wife. She has been better than the Doctors and medicine for coping with everything during this very trying time. Patti is great with her dogs and any pups she has raised. Thanks, Jeff