Jasper’s wall…..of……SHAME!

It wasn’t me, mom, Honest. I was just SITTIN’ HERE, and, like, the lawn just ‘sploded!…………


Jasper mud hole



Well that about sums up little Jasper

This little character joined us from a breeder in North Carolina.

He is a Red Shaded Sable in color.

Dam OFA Excellent, Sire OFA Fair

CEA/CH carrier

CL normal

TNS normal by parantage

He is full of mischief and love. By day he is a rascal, running and romping with the girls, creating mud holes, and always keeping a close eye on my whereabouts.

By night he is a lover, lap dog, and comfort seeker. What ever trouble he gets into outside, he looks deep in my eyes and asks forgiveness at days end. And of course

forgiveness is granted!  He is a very bright and….most of the time, a cooperative pup.

His mother is a lovely family dog and lives to chase Frisbee. His father competes in agility and loves lure coursing. Both are exceptional nice dogs.

Jasper has already had his first run at lure coursing and we hope to play at this fun sport some more when spring arrives.

Jasper is maturing in to one very handsome boy, pictures when this winter goes away and we can get some good shots!

He looks very much like a fox with his reddish sable coloring, white tail tip and pricked ears. He still has his lanky, skinny youth body but is

filling in very nicely. What a striking dog!


Sarah and Jaspar, lure coursing  Jasper racing Sarah in his first lure coursing experience! Go dog go!!



Unfortunately Jasper will not be able to be used as a stud dog as planned, his ‘plumbing’ did not develop correctly.

This is a heartbreaking  development for me to be sure. He is such a wonderful dog. He is not only beautiful, but also very

in tune with people, he loves to be my constant companion. He gets along very well with all of our other dogs here, including other males.

He is my puppysitter whenever we have young pups that need a gentle friend. He is a great ‘help’ with chores, and is nothing but a perfect gentleman

around my horses.

At first I attempted to adopt Jasper out to a new loving home, and many people inquired about him, but for various reasons passed him by.

Now of course, I realize that there is no way I could make myself part with this boy, he is my buddy, my trail ridding partner, my hiking companion, and

just about the most well behaved dog I know!!  Hes a keeper







Jasper and Will Kitty

Jasper and Will Kitty