My best friend!

My best friend!


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Bearfoot Jazz 

AKA:  Jazzer, Jazzy, Brat

AKA: the bossy big sister

Rosie X Reese 

OFA Good!

CEA/CH normal by parantage

CL normal by parantage

TNS normal by parantage

Jazz will never produce a puppy affected by these diseases.

weight: 30 lbs

Color: Tri color blue merle with merled eyes




Jazz is my partner in crime!

Well ok, we don’t go around breaking laws and all, but she loves to ride shotgun and gets in the car every chance she gets, even when uninvited


Jazz is out of Rosie & Reese born at Bearfoot Border Collies before Rosie came to live with us.

We quickly found out what an incredible combination of brains and personality this pairing creates.

Jazz is, many will say, a spoiled brat. I say she just knows she is top dog and should be treated like a human more so than a dog.

She lives to be with me and pouts when she can. She listens to me, not so much to others, and, ok, not always to me.  Hmmm. maybe she is a brat!

She is uncannily smart, a real thinker, and often far ahead of me when it comes to exactly who is in charge.





Little Miss Jypsi, from another of my  R &R litters. looks so much like her sister I had to let her stay. This little monster is very smart, very active, very bossy and very adorable. She makes Jazz look like an angel! And of course, I love her!