Don’t let her name fool you, Nipper is a great little dog out of our Jess. In fact she is very much like her momma in both looks and action. She is very sweet, loving and eager to please us. Nipper has a very strong herding drive and a few of her pups have gotten the chance to go to working farms and have really shown how that drive can carry on generation after generation. She learns very quickly and has a great little trick routine that is very entertaining! When inside, she loves to spend time snuggling on the sofa, and sleeping with her humans!
Nipper’s sire is a very strong herding dog named Miki.  He is owned by Orville Maxwell of Dunlap IL, a well know breeder of old fashion working stock dogs.
I know that Miki was in several herding trials the two years that we used him as a stud dog, but have since lost track of him.
His owner Orville passed away in 2011
Nipper has produced fantastic litters for us with Smitty, Koda, and Reese. Her pups are very willing, smart, active,having a strong working instinct and play drive,  and beautiful too!