Tag’s Pepper is a Red (chocolate) Merle female that
joined us in the spring of 2011 as a 3yr old. 
OFA Good
CEA/CH carrier
CL normal
TNS normal
Weight:  42 lbs.
She has a rough coat and bright red (chocolate) color
Her eyes are merle (blue and brown)
She loves to play with her boy Travis, wrestling and snuggling alike
Pepper had her first litter with us in Nov of 2011,
she has turned out to be the best mother, dare I say even better than Jess? She loves her pups, even as they get bigger and more demanding of her, and is always protective of them. But never aggressive or fearful of us handling her kids, just keeps a very close eye on them.
Our next litter with Pepper  and our boy Reese will in the Spring/Summer of 2014. She will have a wide variety of color as in her past litters with
pups in black and chocolate.  She will produce saddle backs, tri colors, and merles as well as ‘classic’ border collies!