In Loving Memory to my beautiful Raven, 
sadly she was struck by a car in January of 08.  
some things you just never get over……


Raven was a beautiful dog with wavy and glossy coat. She was very fast and agile and we were looking forward to trying out agility soon.

She was excelling in obedience after only a few classes, which we had recently started taking again, and was an instant favorite with our trainer Jeff.  She graduated from intermediate level after only one 5 week session, and was ready to move on to the advanced level.
Raven lived to please me and tried very hard to understand what ever I was asking of her. 
Buddy and his girl
Hello, Patti
   After looking at the site again Buddie looks just like Raven did I’m sorry to hear about her we couldn’t think about loosen our Buddie. He is doing great he is the guard of our three going on four year old. The hole world could be jumping around but if Gwen is not he wouldn’t care, He watches her like a hawk. she was the little baby that came with to pick him up if you can remember. We have since had Madyson who turned one on the 19th. he loves her but still only has eyes for Gwen. Madyson can take treats away and his bone he is so careful with her but only plays with Gwen he just is all about her.