AKA Rose Bug
AKA Velcro Dog
Tri color red merle
Rough coat
Small size (aprox 28 lbs)
Border Collie
Hips vet checked “Excelent”
CEA/CH Normal
CL  Normal
TNS Normal
this means Rosie will never produce a pup affected with CEA/CH, CL or TNS
Little Rosie started life in a kennel in South Carolina, then moved to live with our friends at Bearfoot Border Collies in IL. There we bred her with our Reese in 2011. That litter produced our own Bearfoot Jazz, along with Stella (Stellar Pet Services-Superior Colorado
Willo (BFF Dog Training-Wisconsin )
 and Lunna who stayed with Bearfoot for a time and became a great trail dog, leading Jody’s horses on trails and camping all summer long.
These four girls truned out to be the very best of dogs! They do therapy work, trial rides, countless tricks, even diabetic detection work, and of course they are phenomenal family pets too!!
After Jody changed her breeding program we took little Rosie home with us and she is a fun little addition to our family. She loves to be Velcro Dog in the house always in my lap or at my feet, as well as being playground monitor outside with the rest of the pack. She is bold and bossy, smart and affectionate!
Rosies pups have continued to impress us as we watch them grow. Everyone is very pleased with them.
As promised, Rosie retired after her February 2015 litter.
Rosie has given us three very nice pups to keep and carry on her legacy. We have Jazz, Jypsi and little buddy boy who hasn’t been named yet!