Sarah, lure coursingSweet Sarah is a lovely shaded sable girl.

She came to us from NC along with her half sister Wren in 2012


AKA: Sarah-doodles, Sarah Sweets, Skinny Mini

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: Normal

CEA/CH carrier

CL normal

TNS normal

Sarah is very small and slim, weighing less than 25 lbs.


Sarah is all about getting attention, she wiggles and dances for a little love.

She is an extreme athlete, fast, agile, lean, spring loaded, and oh so graceful.

Inside the house, Sarah loves to crash on the floor in any room where there are people and just

hang out. Now THATS an ‘off switch’.

Sarah and Jasper had a chance to try lure coursing in the fall of 2013 and took to it right away.

We hope to have a few more chances to try this next year!


We plan to have our first litter with Sarah in April 2014 with our saddleback male Reese

Reese is CEA/CH clear, so none of their puppies will be affected by CEA/CH

Expected colors, black shaded sable, saddleback patterned

Sarah x Reese puppies will be priced at $800 with spay/neuter agreement.

Update: Sarah and Reese had a beautiful litter of 7 in the spring of 2014. All of their pups are now in their homes, as far away and Quibec CA

and doing very well, I have been showered with praises on this litter!  We will most definitely repeat this breeding!!



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