CRL Bella Shea

CEA carrier, will only be bred to CEA clear males

Hips PENN/OFA fair

Weight: 38 lbs.


Call name Shea, named after the only woman that ever made my brother happy!! and best sis-in-law I could ask for!!

Our first lilac, she is a beautiful girl with lots of tri color trim

I describe her color as chocolate milk with a swirl of caramel, yummm yummm!

Shea, and her handsome slate blue merel brother Rio (Bearfoot Border Collies) were shipped to us from

our Texas friends at CRL Border Collies. Her mother Hope is an ee Red (gold color) so we know Shea carries eeRed and we

look forward to some fantastic pups from her. (Shea had 2 gold (ee red) pups in her first litter!)

Shea, 9 months, enjoying a spring hike in the woods.

Shea, 9 months, enjoying a spring hike in the woods.


Bella Shea

Bella Shea

Nexus phone 184


Shea has a nice all around temperament. She is playful, but not hyper. She loves attention, but is not needy or demanding, nor a ‘drama queen’.

She loves to go for walks, play chase with the other dogs, and loves  toys. Shea housebroke herself!


Nexus phone 293

MY toy, don’t even think about it.

Nexus phone 295

ALL the toyz iz MINE

Nexus phone 289 Nexus phone 292

Please excuse the out of focus cell phone pictures, but wanted to show some of Shea’s personality off.   She loves to collect toys, but don’t worry,

she is never possessive or aggressive about them!


Every good border collie has a quirk (at least one)  Shea’s quirk is hands down, the best.

Shea is an obsessive compulsive sparrow header. yes thats right…sparrow…herder.

She will chase the resident flock of sparrows from tree, to tree, to tree, here in our yard…all………long! 

Hope to have pix and vid to share some time, its very entertaining

This dog is full of personality and fun!.


  We love Shea and her brother Rio so much we decided to add little sister Mesa to the family.

Mesa is a slate blue merle with one blue eye, she has much the same personality as her big sister and we are enjoying her immensely!!

Mesa will have her own page next year