We own a few of our own stud dogs, as well as occasionally using others, below are listed some to the dogs we have used in the past/present
BALOO  click on name to visit Baloo’s page.
Slate blue tri, medium size, medium coat
Registered both ABCA and AKC
OFA Good, elbows normal
CEA/CH, CL, TNS clear by parantage.
Baloo produces black, red, slate, lilac and sable colors
Not available for stud service at this time.


Teak,  page under construction
A son of our famous Rosie and Reese, brother to Jazz and Jypsi
Teak is a handsome black saddleback sable, and has his fathers mellow temperament.
 He is a great puppy-sitter, rare for a stud dog, and does not have an aggressive bone in his body.
Registered both ABCA and AKC
OFA Good, elbows normal
CEA/CH, CL, TNS clear by parentage
Teak produces black, red, saddleback sable, and gold (ee red) colors.
Not available for stud to outside females.
November 14 dogs 402
BUCK     click on name to visit his page
Buck is a 2012 male. He is a large built dog (aprox 53 lbs) and full coated.
He is our happy-go-lucky boy and a big loyal goof ball of a dog.
He is a lilac (dilute red) color, and truly beautiful dog.
He produces puppies that are more mellow, and large framed. Puppies from his previous litters are doing well in all sports
including agility, dock diving, and good ol farm dog.
Buck is no longer with us, he is now in Kansas with another breeder.
Below is a list of some of the outside males we have used to produce our dogs and some very fine litters in past years.
Rio belongs to my good friend Jody at Bearfoot Border Collies. He is OFA Fair. He is the most handsome slate blue merle with beautiful smokey blue eyes.
He has a laid back personality, but ready to play when the opportunity arises. Jody and I purchased her Rio and my Shea from a breeder in Texas,
as litter mates. I couldn’t be happier with my girl Shea, in fact I love her so much, as well as handsome Rio, I went back and added Mesa, a slate blue merle
female from the same parents in the spring of 2015.  Its a great family of dogs!


Miki is a tri color dog bred by Orville Maxwell. I am sure Miki has long since passed on by now, he was an awesome dog.
He is the sire of two of our litters with  Jess, and they have all become great dogs!! 
Miki is a quiet dog,and a serious worker. 
Miki is the sire of Nipper 
and sweet little Sadie, who is now in Florida and making one little ol lady very happy!! 
Jess and Miki produced the lovely Attie in 2006, she won her very first Novice trial last year, see Nipper’s page for more about Attie
Smitty is  a smooth coated black and white dog. 
Smitty had 3 slate blue brothers in his litter, so it is very likely he also carries blue!
He is the sire of Nipper’s first litter and produced both long and smooth coated pups. Smitty carries the red gene and also produces blue eyed pups.
Smitty  was raised and trained by Orville Maxwell and has been used as a stock dog in the past. He is friendly with people.
Smitty’s has many impressive working dog’s in his pedigree  including Pulfer’s Imp. Indam Meg, Maxwell’s Chip, Pulfer’s Imp Dan, and Goetz”s Imp. Patch
Harley is one of ths pups from Nipper and Smitty’s litter and is a very nice working and family dog with her fathers short coat.
Harley had her first litter, sired by Reese, in 2010 with our friends at Bearfoot Border Collies 
Harley’s next litter will be with our Buck, or Jody’s Rio, both are dilute dogs, and Harley may produce dilute pups this time (fall 2013)
Smitty’s has many impressive working dog’s in his pedigree  including Pulfer’s Imp. Indam Meg, Maxwell’s Chip, Pulfer’s Imp Dan, and Goetz”s Imp. Patch
Smitty is the sire of
 Harley of
 Bearfoot Border Collies
Striker, Owned by Norm Olinger
 Striker is the son of Speck (below) and Tuesday.
Tuesday was a daughter of our first female Heidi!!
He has many impressive ancestors from England, Scotland, and Wales. 
We are very pleased and excited to use Striker as the sire of Brandi’s first litter which  turned out fantastic. Striker’s owner has kept a male pup from this litter and will be standing him at stud in 2011 
Striker is a very mellow old fashion farm dog type and passes this quality to his pups. 
  Speck and Magic, Jess’ sire and dam.
Both were good old fashion all around farm dogs which were sold after their owner Harold Gardner (of Geneseo Ill.) died several years ago.
I know that Speck ended up with a family in Geneseo who later came back to find me and purchased a grandson of his!
I have no idea what ever happened to Magic though.
See Jess’ pedigree for their exact ABCA # and lineage. 
Speck is a son of Orville Maxwell’s Chip
Chip came in the top 20 Nat. nursery finals 2 years in a row.
He was the Grandson of # BWLCH Taff
and Great grandson of  ## Wiston Cap, ##Craig, ##Bos Coon, ## Bill and #Cymro 
(## GB International Champion   #  GB National Champion)




From the lines of J.M. Wilson’s Cap, a tri-color dog was born in 1963 which would become the most often used dog in the history of the Border Collie. Wiston Cap (ISDS 31154) won the International in 1965. Until his death in 1979, he fathered countless pups. Many of the champions in the seventies and eighties were children of Wiston Cap.
Wiston Cap appears on the four generation pedegree of Speck.