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Teak,  AKA Teki, little brother

Black Saddle back Sable Stud dog, and lap dog

Registered ABCA and AKC

OFA hips good, elbows normal

CEA/CH,CL,TNS clear by parentage, he will never produce affected puppies.

Little brother to Jazz and Jypsi

Teak is a sweet boy. He is from my best combination Rosie and Reese. I have so many wonderful pups produced from this combination,

but now both parents are retired and their 3 wonderful pups that I kept now fill in their paw prints.  Teak is so much like his dad, he just flops over

and melts into the floor for a belly rub. Teak is just as handsome as his dad too!  Teak loves to romp and wrestle with the girls and always lets them win.

He is a perfect uncle, loves to babysit, and is so gentle with young pups. He is very gentle with the grand kids (human ones) as well.

Our first litter sire by Teak was with Shea, and we now know that he carries the Gold (ee red) gene. It is very hard to find a dog that carries ee red and

is clear on CEA testing. So we are very proud to have this boy standing at stud for our girls.

Teak is not available to outside breeding at this time


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Our first litter with Teak, consisted of 5 red tri/saddleback and one Gold pup

Teak will produce gold pups when bred to another gold carrier (Shea and Mesa)

Riley, female

Riley, saddleback female

Rosemary, female

Rosemary, female

Saffron 18

Saffron, gold female

Sage 3

Sage, saddle back male

Thyme, female

Thyme, female